Welcome to Dr. Peter Kim Skin Cancer & Minor Ops Clinic.

My mission is to:

  • Early detect, and cure, skin cancers;
  • Provide professional skin cancer and minor operation service;
  • Provide universally accessible and affordable medical service (Bulk Bill);
  • Provide service based on evidence and latest technology; and
  • Prove cosmetically satisfying results.

We provide a comprehensive range of Skin Cancer services including:

  • Skin cancer consultation & diagnosis;
  • Skin cancer biopsy;
  • Skin cancer surgery;
  • Skin cancer Non-Surgical treatments; and
  • Skin Cancer Laser treatments.

We provide a comprehensive range of Skin minor operations including:

  • Skin lumps and bumps;
  • Cysts;
  • Lipoma;
  • Skin warts;
  • Skin tags;
  • Scar revision;
  • Keloid scar;
  • Dermatofibroma;
  • Skin moles;
  • and many other skin conditions.

Popular Laser procedures are (not bulk billed):

  • Laser mole removal;
  • Laser freckle/blemish removal;
  • Laser capillary removal;
  • Laser skin rejuvenation;
  • Laser melasma treatment;
  • Laser skin tightening;
  • Laser anti-aging treatment;
  • and others.

Popular Cosmetic procedures are (not bulk billed):

  • Anti-wrinkle injection;
  • Nose filler injection;
  • Lip enhancement;
  • Dark circle correction;
  • Cheek enhancement;
  • Chin enhancement;
  • Forehead and temple enhancement;
  • Skin moisturizing injection;
  • PRP skin injections; and
  • Others.

If you have any queries or for an appointment, please contact us at 9411 4880 or SMS 0417 068 518.

Our clinic is located at Eastwood, Cabramatta, and Chatwood.