I am Peter Kim and I am a candidate for the State Policy Forum of NSW Labor Party.

As a Labor Councillor for Ryde City Council (West Ward), I have experience in fighting for the best results in the local community, Peter will take this experience to achieve the best results for local members.

Raising my family in West Ryde has shown me the importance of a strong education system. It has solidified my belief that only Labor can deliver a fantastic education for our children.

Through my work as a doctor in the local community, he has seen firsthand the devastating impact of the Coalition Government on the health system, I will be a strong voice to ensure Labor reaffirms its dedication to reversing the Liberal’s disturbing cuts to the local healthcare system.

I am extremely dedicated to local Labor members and more broadly I have strong ties to the local community through my leadership in the Korean Community.

I would be grateful for your support.

The vote begins at 9am Tuesday 9 July 2019 and ends 5pm Wednesday 31 July.
Ballot closes: 5.00pm Wednesday 31 July 2019

You will be getting an online vote through email on Tuesday.

I would be grateful for your support. Please Vote 1 for Peter Kim.

This is the “HOW TO VOTE” card for my State Policy Forum Election.

I would be grateful if you can follow the preferences as listed in the How to Vote Card, below.

And it is best to vote early!
Thank you for your support.