I #standwithUkraine


International Corporations #standwithUkraine

  • Major Techs: Starlink, Anonymous Hacker, NDVIA, Apple Inc,
  • Google including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Disney, Nike, IKEA, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Cisco, Amazon, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics Inc, SK Hynix Inc, Airbnb, Intel, Microsoft, DirectTV, Warnermedia, H&M, Fedex Corp, Amazon, United Parcel Service Inc, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc, Mastercard, Visa, Paypa
  • Major Resource companies: BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Rio Tinto
  • Motervehicle companies: Ford, General Motors, Volkswaggen, Honda, Mazda, Nissan Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Daimier Truck, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Renault, Mitsubishi, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Rolls Royce
  • Other multinationals: l, SWIFT global financial network, Diageo (Smirnoff vodka and Guiness), Accenture, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Maersk, Roku, Equinor, TotalEnergies, Hollywood agency Endeavor
  • Luxury wearables: T.J.Max, Zara, Boohoo, Burberry, LVMH, Hermes, Kering, Chanel, Rolex, Puma,
  • Food and beverage companies: McDonalds, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks
  • The big tobacco companies: Philip Morris, Japan Tobacco International, Scandinavian Tobacco, Imperial Brands International

Sports organisations #standwithUkraine

International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC), International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics International, FIFA and UEFA, International Skating Union, World Athletics, Women’s Tennis Association and the Association of Tennis Professionals, National Hockey League, International Ice Hockey Federation, Federation of International Skiing, World Curling Federation, FIVB, World Rugby, FINA, Badminton World Federation, International Biathlon Union, Formula One, World Sailing, Canadian Hockey League

Dr Kim's contribution to the Ryde Council & the community

I have always put residents before party politics and based my decisions on merits and not politics.

Deputy Mayor of City of Ryde
“I will act in the interest of everyone and be a good bridge between the council and the community”
“I will act in the spirit of Good Samaritan”
peter kim deputy mayor ryde council
peter kim deputy mayor ryde council
Dr Kim's Independent Team
We are a dedicated team of Independent candidates who will act with integrity and in the best interests of the community.
Our mission is to serve you – the residents, and not the political party. We will provide local solutions to local issues.
Dr Peter Kim
• As an incumbent Councillor and a former Deputy Mayor of Ryde, I understand the issues that matter to our community.
• Working in the community as a local doctor and a law graduate, I have a proven record of solving the issues logically, innovatively and in the spirit of co-operation.
• During the four-year term as a west ward councillor, I undertook various leadership positions such as the Deputy Mayor, Chair and Deputy Chair of various Standing (Finance and Governance, Works, Ryde Central) and Advisory committees (Events, Multicultural, Social inclusion, Ryde Youth).
• Political party’s interests differ from the community interests. I have always supported the resident’s interest over the political factions. As a result, I have been expelled from the Labor Party.
• I am an independent, creative thinker, reinforced through my medical and legal training.
• As an Independent Councillor, I can fearlessly represent the community as I don’t have to consider the political party’s interests.
• There are many unfinished projects which I have begun in this Council term, and I hope you give me the privilege to complete them.
Lichen Zhang
As a resident of Eastwood for 20 years and an active member of the Chinese community, I am very familiar with the issues the ratepayers want addressing.
The redevelopment of Eastwood to address parking and traffic congestion problems together with the urgent need to address the severe flooding during heavy rain events are just a few of the presenting issues requiring action.

Michael Melville 

Having lived in Denistone for ten years. I have concerns about housing and accommodation for those most in need in our community. Also about the traffic through our suburbs and public transport and traffic moving.
My role at a charity focused on the needs of refugees and asylum seekers, most of whom get little to no support from government, is in ensuring that they have access to good food and nutrition which is currently complicated by Covid.
As an advocate for the residents of Ryde, I would voice the concerns that matter most to them to Council and contribute to the decision that delivers the best outcomes for our community.
May Mak
Having been part of Ryde community for 19 years, I would like to do something to make this adorable suburb more beautiful and inclusive.
Also to embrace people with disabilities and their family/carers in the community to build a leaner and more beautiful Ryde and to retain multicultural artists and writers.
I have served in the community service sector for over a decade. People with disabilities and their family/carers deserve recognition and respect. In line with the disabilities plan of City of Ryde, I initiated a not-for-profit organisation, Ample Abilities Inc., to support people with disabilities and their families/carers to maintain inclusion in the community by facilitating ongoing social programs, particularly those from a CALD background who face challenges to develop their creative careers. There is a need to support them and encourage a considerate and inclusive society.
Maintaining Ryde “clean and beautiful”, is essential to motivate local residents and students to take care of their community.
Rowe Street Car Park Construction

construction to reduce the chronic car park shortage in Eastwood. We need to build car park in the western side of Eastwood and other town centres.

Flood Risk Mitigation in Eastwood

Flood Risk Mitigation to 1 in 100 year event by arranging the Fine grain flood study and flood harmonising study in Eastwood and surrounding areas. Funding was secured and Ryde council will deliver stormwater upgrade in Eastwood over the next 2 years to achieve this vision.

Keep the bastards honest

Legal expense audit was advocated following the revelation of Ryde council losing litany of court cases against residents for rejecting legitimate development applications. Compulsory mediation with residents before lodging a court case was advocated.

Ryde Council policy audit was introduced to update dozens of outdated policies and to correct the governance.

27/5/2020 Fighting for transparency.

6/5/2020 Fighting for accountablity and transparency.


Smoke-Free Advocacy

No Smoking Zone in Eastwood town centre as a start. We need to roll out this initiative to the other town centres in Ryde.

Ease traffic congestion

Practical traffic solution to reduce traffic congestions by removing 2 car spaces in front of White Lady’s funeral in First Avenue Eastwood.

Supporting the community groups

Supporting the Spirit of local community

Expanding Eastwood Library

Expansion of Eastwood Library  was successfully moved at the Ryde Council to expand the internal space of library from current 750sqm to 1,500 sqm.

Racism stops with me

Racism Stops with me campaign was supported and Pauline Hanson’s discriminatory and unfair citizenship test motion was opposed by raising over 2000 petitions.

Good Samaritan Spirit

Good Samaritan community spirit was declared as a mission for the office of deputy mayor of Ryde. As a result, a number of fund raising activities were organised to support bushfire victims, food hunger residents and drought victims.


2018 Oct 31

Better accessibity for residents with disability

Better access for residents with disability. I introduced the first wheelchair accessible and dedicated taxi rank in Ryde in front of Ryde library.

Opposing Ryde Civic Centre Redevelopment - an issue of financial mismanagment

20 M April 1. I called Clr Clifton a “barrister” (she is a barrister). And she tasked me whether she can call me a doctor. I said yes you can as I am a doctor. But she asked me to apologise to her for calling her a barrister. Mayor sided with the barrister and moved a motion to “expel me” from the council meeting. The majority of councillors supported me and I survived the Mayor’s malicious move to expel me from the council meeting. This mayor is a poor chairperson.

ay 2020

3 June 2020. Opposed the Labor/Green/Zhou from signing off $125m project of which $62.5m needed financing. Council dont need such debt during the middle of pandemic.

27/5/2020 Fighting for transparency.

6/5/2020 Fighting for accountablity and transparency.


Supporting local sporting clubs

1 July 2020 Labor and Green opposed. I and the remainder of councillors had enough numbers to pushed it through.

International Sister City with South Korea

International Sister city agreement established with a Korean city.

Food Safety Campaign

Safe food campaignby delivering multilingual presentations about safe food handling practices to the local restaurant and café owners.

Advocating safety from combustible cladding

Advocating for transparency over combustible external claddings.

Respecting and celebrating Indigeneous culture and people

Respecting our Elders.

1/7/2020. This article did not clearly explain what happened. I originally proposed the motion to set up an aboriginal reconciliation group. I wanted to hear from indigenous people who they would like to be treated and how they would like us to reconciliate. So I asked for the chairperson of the committee to be an indigenous person and the majority of the committee to be indigenous person. Unfortunately, Labor Green Zhou opposed. And we have a reconciliation committee with more non indigenous people. What a shame. When would these people understand that the reconciliation process has to start with and initiated under the guidance of Indigeneous people.

Tackling narrow and dagerous roads

Tackling dangerous narrow streets.

Promoting Graffiti Art

Promoting Graffiti Art. I proposed the motion for the mural to be repainted under the Eastwood railway.

Practical traffic safety solution - Wingate Ave

Practical pedestrian safety solution to improve the pedestrian safety by installing barrier near the roundabouts in Wingate Ave Eastwood.

Pedestrians were crossing the road and there were reports of near accidents.

A barrier, pedestrian refuge and better line markings were created to influence the pedestrians to use the safer crossing.

Supporting multilingual community

Multi-lingual interpreter service availability at the Council and committee meetings.

Glenn St Car Park Maintenance

Clean and Maintenance of the Glenn St Car Park was upgraded by increasing the cleaning services to the Glen St Car Park and installing the children safety barriers long the stairways.

Opposed forced LEP changes

Opposed forced LEP changes to limit the development ability of the homes from 750sqm to 550 sqm. This is successfully opposed.

Pedestrian safety at night

Citywide audit of pedestrian night lights were introduced to ensure the safety of pedestrians at night.

Reduce speeding campaign - Lancaster Ave Melrose Park

Safe road campaignby facilitating “slow down” traffic signs in Ryde LGA starting with Lancaster Ave Melrose Park. And to protect the pedestrians from the cyclists riding on the footpath.