Cyst Surgery

Cysts are a nuisance. They grow in or under the skin and are most commonly epidermoid and sebaceous cysts.

epidermoid cyst of forehead
This is the Epidermoid Cyst of the forehead
epidermoid cyst of the back
This is the epidermoid cyst of the back
sebaceous cysts of the neck
This is the sebaceous cyst of the neck.

If they are infected, the infection needs to be cleared with some antibiotics.

Once the infection settles or if the cyst is not infected, the cyst can be removed. Superficial cysts can be treated non-surgically with laser. Deeper cysts can be surgically removed.

The choice of the appropriate technique depends on the type of cyst, size, location and depth. Cyst surgery is covered by Medicare. The Laser treatment costs $350.

The following demonstrates laser treatment of inclusion cyst (epidermoid cyst) of the right upper eyelid skin.

The following video demostrates the cyst surgery to remove intradermal cyst.