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Skin Cancer Services at Eastwood Skin Cancer Clinic (Ryde) – 9411 4480

We are a Centre of Excellence in Skin Cancer Medicine. We see ourselves as a part of a multidisciplinary team with various melanoma clinics, surgical oncologists, and plastic surgeons. We are conveniently located in Eastwood, Ryde.

Our Basic Skin Cancer Services are Bulk Billed.

  • Skin cancer check, diagnosis and monitoring.
  • Skin cancer medical treatments – prescription creams, cryotherapy and curettages.
  • Skin cancer surgery including simple excisions, small flap and graft surgery that does not require hospitalisation.
  • More complex skin cancers are referred to the specialist units.

We also provide:

  • Minor surgeries to remove cysts, lipoma, lacerations, scar surgery and xanthelasma.
  • Cosmetic injections with Botox and filler
  • Laser mole removal, laser capillary removal, laser xanthelasma removal and other blemishes

These procedures are privately billed. Click here to see the pricing.

To schedule appointment, please call 9411 4880.

About us

Dr Kim first came into contact with skin cancer back in 2000 and things progressed from there. He was doing a rotation in plastic surgery during his basic surgical training at the Prince of Wales Hospital and Bankstown Hospital, when he learned how to operate on them.

As he became more experienced with skin cancer, Dr Kim spent a lot of time teaching other doctors about it. He wrote articles, textbooks and raised awareness for the condition in general.

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Dr Peter Kim is a Fellow of reputable medical Colleges – The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery.

His articles on skin cancer have been published in the Australian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Online, and contributed to chapters in Elsevier’s Textbook of Cosmetic Ear Surgery.

Dr. Kim set the curriculum for basic & advanced surgical workshops for the Australian College of Cosmetics Surgery and currently this is used as the official curriculum at australian colleges. GPCE is the largest conference for General Practitioners in Australia.

Dr Kim regularly speaks and lectures at the skin cancer workshops in GPCE to train General Practitioners.

Dr Kim has been running the Eastwood Skin Cancer Clinic in Rowe Street since 2017.


Dr Peter Kim’s Academic achievements

Published articles

Kim, Peter. “Prophylactic Z-plasty-correcting helical rim deformity from wedge excision.” Australian family physician 39.9 (2010): 649-650. Link.

Kim, Peter, and Kwan Stephen Lee. “Retroauricular cutaneous advancement flap.” Australian Family Physician 41.8 (2012): 601-602. Link.

Kim, Peter, and Hyung-Joo Kim. “S-plasty–clinical applications for skin surgery.” Australian Family Physician 40.4 (2011): 224-225. Link.

Kim, Peter. Treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers using ALA-Photodynamic therapy utilizing “De-roofing technique”. Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery 2007; 3(1): 28-30.

Kim, Peter. Kim’s Surgery – New method of accurately assessing Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer margin. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2010; 5(2): 12.

Published Chapters in Textbook.

Kim, Peter. “Prophylactic Z-Plasty to Prevent the Notch Deformity of the Helical Rim Following the Wedge Excision of the Ear.” Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2013. 539-541.

Kim, Peter. “Various Applications of Retroauricular Advancement.” Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty: Art, Science, and New Clinical Techniques (2013): 407


Teaching and sharing my knowledge of skin cancer has always been a pleasure.

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Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign

Early detection can save lives.

One of my passion is to raise skin cancer awareness in our community so that skin cancers can be detected early.

Skin cancer awareness through Facebook

The best way to raise awareness is to allow people to see what real skin cancers look like. I have set up a Facebook page where I upload real photos of skin cancers from the patients I see on daily basis. One photo is uploaded every day. I am hoping that the community would be able to raise a flag and seek medical attention if they see skin cancer. https://www.facebook.com/eastwoodskincancer

2022 Rower’s Week.

Story about increase in skin cancer prevalence among rowers. Read the full article here.


2022 Men’s Week – Skin Cancer awareness

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2021 Men’s Week – Skin Cancer awareness

eastwood skin cancer

eastwood skin cancer dr peter kim

eastwood skin cancer clinic about whether to apply suncream in autumn

What does skin cancers look like?

These are the photographs of skin cancers and other dermatological conditions that were presented at Eastwood Skin Cancer Clinic.

If you have any similar skin lesions on your skin, seek medical attention. You can find more pictures on our Facebook.

Early detection may save your life.

Laser Mole & Blemish Removal Photos


Picture describes thousand words.

More information

For an appointment, please contact my clinic at 9411 4880.


Dr Peter Kim’s Skin Cancer Blog

Dr Kim will publish some information about skin cancer from time to time. You can find the blog materials under our Blog Submenu or below.